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Players can define their characters as they like. Most new and changed items (including costings) are kept in a proposed status until the GM approves (or rejects) them. The GM can edit things freely without the approval step. New abilities are selected from the HERO System items with parameters where appropriate however once the ability is created, the player and GM have full flexiblity to change the descriptions and cost of any ability to suit the campaign and individual rulings. The system does not attempt to enforce the rules to enable the most important rule: "the GM can decide on anything". The system does provide an easy way to pick from the standard abilities and costings to save everyone time, but nothing is locked out of the GM's control.

Character Sheet

Combat Status and Attacks

As well as the costing, there is provision for recording the current status and most common attacks for the character to save time in managing combats.


Characteristics are costed based on a racial base value, with races optionally specified in the campaign, and including a maximum above which they are double normal cost. Mental combat can be removed (e.g. for realistic campaigns) to save space and prevent buy-back of OMCV and DMCV.



Characters can upload documents relating to the characters such as fragments of source materials for items, powers/spells, or background information.

Printed Sheets

A detailed character sheet can be printed which enables the player to play without electronic access on the game day, which can be a distraction for some players and GMs. The sheets contain all of the character abilities as well as a combat worksheet to enable notes about the current status and other changes to be made. The GM and/or the player can then use those notes to update the character after the game session.