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Dice Roller

The system also features a dice roller page. The roller can be opened from the character or campaign forms, or unlinked from the dashboard. This function rolls a range of dice formats for the HERO system, including hit roll and damage rolls where applicable. You specify a range of OCV, Damage and other options and the results are presented for the entire range. Thus, if the GM makes a situational adjustment to the rolls, you can simply apply the same rolls and don't need to roll again (even if you wanted to!)

Dice Roller

Critical Hits

Critical hits are based on the optional rule of "rolling under half what was needed to hit". The maximum BODY and STUN is shown in case the defending DCV means the hit was a critical hit!

Roll Verification

Any rolls made when a roller page is opened for a campaign or character appears on the GM's combat screen, so GMs who choose to can verify electronic rolls made by remote players.

Game Master Rolls

There are also rollers for Luck, Random Encounters and the Weather!