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The inventory system enables players and GMs to keep track of items with or without a type. The item types provide a set of global or campaign-specific items but items can have no type and just be described and bundled into "Other Items". Thus, you can decide how much detail you wish to put into tracking inventory. Items can be adjusted by the GM immediately, or by the player (requiring approval by the GM). They can be marked as "Dropped" to enable the system to calculate encumbrance in combat (when dropped items are set aside) and out of combat for travelling.

Item Details

Money can be represented in individual denominations or more generally (mixed coins of a certain value). Any item (including money) can be give in part or in full to another player. Items can be flagged as Party Items and they appear in a separate section of the inventory which can be seen by all in the campaign details.

Finally GMs can make sure that what you say the party finds is what they actually record (no more and no less).

Item Types